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My name is Jamie Newton and I created this blog to share my thoughts on the everyday life of a Christian, or “endeavoring to walk in all good conscience before Him.” I hope to have you join me as I share the things I learn about God (theology), the things we are to believe (doctrine), and what that looks like in everyday life (application). Please be patient with me, as I am by no means a professional blogger, nor do I hope to be. I am busy enough with being a wife and a mom to four, as well has having a full time job outside the home.

For those of you who would like to know my theological beliefs, I was raised Southern Baptist, but became Reformed in my theology during my early 20s. I recently became a member of our local United Reformed Church, though I am more familiar with the confessional Presbyterian side of the Reformed churches, having been a member of a local Orthodox Presbyterian congregation for about 10 years.


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